Re-purposed skyscraper
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Re-habilitated courthouse

Heritage Capital Consulting, LLC & BMCC serves initial funding partners in financing developments across seven continents within the leading international financial centres. We cover your financial banking and investment relationships worldwide from start to finish during the purchase, exit, debt relief, and/or refinance process. We specialize in rehabilitation, restoration, and re-purposing properties and development projects for modern use. (Some situations qualify for "non-recourse" financing, such as a grant or bond without repayment).

Criteria for non-recourse financing of construction, air rights easements, and gifting of building facade tax write-offs, or outright grants. lists BMCC property across Texas. For other states inquire during telephone interview.

BMCC Presentation addressing the 2017 Federal Tax Cuts Jobs Act, passed on December 22, 2017.

Historic Redlands Hotel

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